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K.B.S – One of the Leading ALT companies in Kyushu, Japan!


Would you like to work at great schools for an ALT company that will always support you? KBS offers excellent training, opportunities to improve as a teacher, and advancement in your career.


The Company – Who are we?

KBS has been in business since 1981 and is recognized as one of the leading ALT companies on Kyushu. KBS is at the forefront of improving English education in Japan. KBS is dedicated to being the best company an ALT can work for with positions in great schools, assistance with relocating, and the top training program for new teachers.

Company HQ

The KBS headquarters is located in the beautiful Kitakyushu city.  This city is known for its unique cultural heritage, festivals throughout the year, high tech hydrogen town, and advanced public transportation. It is home to other great companies such as Yaskawa Robotics, Zenrin, Nippon Steel, Toto, Starflyer, Nafco, and Shabondama.

Life in Kitakyushu is enhanced by the many places to enjoy the outdoors, such as Hirahodai and the Sugao Waterfall. There are also amazing restaurants, a unique shopping mall called Riverwalk, Greenpark where you can see Kanagroos, and the cable car ride that goes to the top of Sarakura mountain. There’s something for everyone in Kitakyushu, which offers rural neighborhoods with farms and a downtown with high rises.

KBS Training

KBS ALTs learn to use the KBS method to engage students of all ages in Active Meaningful Communication. KBS ALTs learn to produce high quality materials that are useful in the classroom, make learning fun, and save the time for the Japanese teachers.



KBS is currently looking for a fun, enthusiastic, and energetic ALT for a position in public school. We would like an ALT who is flexible, a team player, and has a passion for teaching.

KBS ALTs need a positive attitude, ability to take on criticism, and a fun personality. KBS ALTs also need to be level headed and responsible so they can perform their duties to a high quality of professionalism as they teach the children of Japan.

KBS ALTs work for 12 months through the year, typically starting in April and ending in March. KBS ALTs work under a fixed term contract which needs to be completed in full.

KBS ALTs work under the direction of the school they are sent to and help the Japanese teachers deliver English lessons to elementary and middle school students in Japanese public schools.



KBS operates in many cities across the Fukuoka and Saga areas.

Besides the amazing Kitakyushu city, KBS ALTs also work in such great cities and towns as Miyawaka, Onojo, Taku, Saga City, and others. Each city offers its own unique charm, friendly neighbors, local festivals, and local foods.


Who can be an ALT?

The basic requirements for being an ALT are to be a native speaker of English and to have a four year bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. However, KBS ALTs will be trained to perform their duties to a higher standard than in other companies.  KBS ALTs need to be able to use a computer and also to be able to produce high quality materials for use in the classroom. KBS ALTs also need to be able to lead students in games and activities that encourage students to use English to communicate their own thoughts and feelings.  When a KBS ALT goes to school, the students, teachers, and administrators there know they are getting the best because the ALT is from KBS.

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