About Mayflower

Mayflower is a technology company that alters the entertainment industry to a new level of perception and engagement. How do we do it? With the power of cutting-edge technologies. Our global IT products are made by an in-house team of passionate techies. They love working hard to deliver the best user experience. Improving features until they perform excellently is in our DNA. We profit from our work, but money doesn’t directly dictate our development. We’re up for experiments — that’s how we stay the industry pioneers. We are proud of our core and supporting products like our own payment system, AR/VR, Machine Learning, Computer Vision expertise, and more.

About VR
One of our bleeding-edge projects is VR browser streaming. There’s no DOM in the VR session, so UI is done from scratch via pixi.js (text inputs, scrolling, etc.). Performance requirements are tight! We use concurrent react with custom renderers (react-three-fiber and react-Pixi). We constantly work towards even more incredible FPS (e.g., webworker rendering, pure WebGL, WebGPU). We’re also involved in OSS,https://github.com/pmndrs projects (one of our team members is a part of a Poimandres core team). Last but not least is testing all this. We strive for heavy use of typescript, unit-testing, and visual regression.

About ML
Our team solves many ML tasks using both classical and DL models. One of the main services is the recommendation service. It consists of user-based and session-based parts and predicts personal recommendations to both hot and cold users. We also have models for recommending new content, searching for similar items, and ranking content in different categories. We predict users’ churn and detect fraud based on user behaviour modelling. We develop services using SOTA approaches in computer vision like tracking, action recognition, face recognition and  content moderation tasks.

We are looking for people with the potential to strengthen us and enter the history of global product development. Join Mayflower if you share our interests and vision!

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    Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus, 4 Chome-6-28 Minami-Azabu, Minato City, Tokyo, Japan

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