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MY English School Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 to provide quality language education to companies, organizations, and individuals. MY has grown to become the largest full-service English education provider in Yamagata Prefecture and has expanded to Kansai, with plans to expand into other areas of Japan as well. Owned and operated by a licensed teacher with experience in many educational settings, MY is distinctive for its focus on educational excellence and the professional development of its instructors. MY has a proven record of growth based on the philosophy that a well-run organization staffed with the best instructors and providing the best language training will be successful.

MY believes that teachers are at their best when they have the best support. We are proud of the support we provide and the fact that most of our teachers remain with MY long-term. Better support leads to low instructor turnover, which leads to better educational quality and stronger growth. Our teachers are the reason we have grown and continue to grow.

With our main location in Higashine, Yamagata Prefecture, MY also has Yamagata Prefecture’s first and only bilingual immersion kindergarten and locations in Tendo, Sakata, Tsuruoka, Shinjo, three in Yamagata City, and Kawanishi City and Inagawa Town in Hyogo Prefecture. Additionally, we supply English instructors to multinational corporations, government agencies, boards of education, and kindergartens around the area.

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