About Nissait English School

Our goal at Nissait is to be an ideal school for children to learn & love the ability to speak & write in English.

In order to be an ideal school, we think students need two types of classes. One is a native English speaking teacher’s Conversation Class. Unless we practice the language, we are not able to use it.

Here at Nissait, we allow an engaging experience, that envelopes our students in an English speaking environment. The other class that we offer is a General English Class taught by Japanese English teachers. Students learn reading, writing, phonics, & basic grammar. Our Japanese educators are experienced & dedicated to perfecting the proper use of English, in the proper context.

We also provide events enabling students to learn about & experience the vast array of western cultures.
We plan day trips, summer school, overseas home-stay programs, & holiday events for students.


At Nissait, we think the purpose of learning English is the ease of communication. By “Communication” we mean more of an ability to pursue harmony between each individual. This doesn’t refer simply to learning a language, but rather the ability by which the people of the world can overcome an array of differences, such as those relating to nationality, culture & religion, in order to live peacefully together on our planet.

Therefore, our concept of teaching is “To nurture the heart of communication & to support the skills of communication.” We hope children will have fun communicating with others as they expand their views & become global citizens.

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