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Paradigm is a full-service digital creative agency based in Tokyo. We work at the intersection of communications, design, and technology to deliver world-class creative solutions.

We’ve been in business for 30 years, which means we’ve survived the bursting of Japan’s asset price bubble, the dot com crash, the Lehman shock, the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the coronavirus pandemic. That means you can rest assured that we partner with our clients for the long term.

Since we first opened our doors, people from more than 30 countries have worked at Paradigm, including a foundational team of Japanese employees. It’s our diversity that’s been key to our creativity and longevity.

We know that our clients come to us because they want to see growth in their business, not simply design for design’s sake. So, our attention is always on helping you achieve successful business outcomes.

Paradigm means “example” or “benchmark”, so we want our work to be the benchmark for creative excellence in Japan. We hold ourselves to extremely high standards and only produce work we’re proud of.

Our leadership team is involved from the start. We take the time to fully understand the expectations and the scope of work so that we produce fair and accurate estimates and make sure everyone is clear on what to expect.

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