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Making a difference in the world, one child at a time.

The field of English education is rapidly evolving, and rather than simply keep up, Step by Step English strives to be a leader and innovator in teaching excellence. We pride ourselves on the high-quality English lessons we provide to over 200 students at three locations in Kagawa. In addition, our EFL/ESL resources (BINGOBONGO Learning) are used by over 40,000 educators and institutions around the world for two simple reasons: they are incredibly effective, and students love them.

teacher studentOur team is made up of dedicated and passionate education professionals from a wide array of backgrounds. We not only encourage feedback and ideas from our team members in all aspects of our company, but we also reward it through a profit-sharing system. We also believe that the most effective way to be excellent educators is to be excellent learners ourselves and that continued personal and professional development is the key to running a successful company.

If you are constantly seeking to learn new things and set new goals in your personal and professional life, then come and join the team at Step by Step English to achieve new goals for both of us, starting with you.

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