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Yaruki Switch Group is an educational organization boasting a track record stretching 40 years in teaching, nurturing, and developing the futures of children. We have established and continue to grow successful, well-recognized brands in such educational fields as Supplemental Learning, Early Childhood Education, English Childcare, and Bilingual Kindergartens – not just nationwide, but worldwide as well. With our philosophy of ‘Individual Approaches for Individuals,’ we have developed a network of over 1,800 schools and counting.

What we treasure is not just academic development. We respect the unique characteristics of each and every child, and nurture their confidence and motivation by assisting them in the achievement their goals. “Think for yourself, decide for yourself, and act for yourself;” we help our students to polish their “自分力” (power of independence) to take on new challenges and decide their own path in life without being swayed by the values or judgement of others.

Our Brands

At Kids Duo International, our main goal is the creation of a sense of community and belonging in the classroom. Students need to feel the teachers` love for them and feed off of it in order to reach their full potential. Our values: paternal love, acceptance, energy, passion for teaching, teamwork and Kaizen are imprinted on the hearts of all our instructors, and are the main reason why our students can absorb such extensive curriculum.

At Kids Duo, our approach is not simply about studying English, rather, we follow our philosophy of “Play in English, Learn in English.” Learning a new language is always a challenge, so we aim to create an environment in which children feel safe and can learn in a natural and enjoyable way. We offer a variety of after-school and day care programs that include Arts & Craft, Music & Dance, and Outdoor activities – all of which are conducted in English, allowing students to be exposed to a plethora of unique and valuable English vocabulary.

At WinBe, our goal is to bring English education in Japan to a new level. We strive for superior results gained from a conversation & culturally driven curriculum, where our instructors are encouraged to provide students with fun, creative classes that focus on real-life conversational skills. Our classes heavily emphasize the importance of Phonics as the building blocks of reading readiness, pronunciation, and fluency. Borrowing from the expertise and know-how of Western schools, WinBe students are equipped with the same learning tools and strategies as young learners in English-speaking countries.

i Kids Star is a brand-new kindergarten, developed with the know-how of our other successful brands. The kindergarten’s concept is based on a “Bilingual x Active” approach, where we provide childcare combined with intellectual training, sports and English to pre-school children during their crucial golden age for social, intellectual and physical development. We believe in the infinite potential of children and want to inspire intelligent, independent thinkers, that will thrive in an increasingly international world, and who strive to improve themselves through taking on new challenges.

School Locations

Yaruki Switch Group has schools all over Japan, and each area offers different opportunities for teachers. Schools in big cities have excellent access to museums, shopping malls, restaurants, and nightlife. Living in these areas can be convenient and exciting. Big cities often feature a blending of cultures, and many instructors enjoy eating at eclectic restaurants and meeting people from different countries.
Schools in more rural settings or smaller towns often provide instructors with the best opportunity to learn the Japanese language and experience authentic Japanese culture. Many rural areas are famous for a local delicacy or festival, and the people tend to be very welcoming. Rural schools can be close to public beaches, national parks, or ski resorts. Wherever you live and teach, Japan has a world-class transportation system that allows you to easily access almost anywhere in the country.

Work For Us

We offer a competitive employment package with career advancement opportunities, a fun and supportive teaching environment, and thorough training to ensure success in the role.

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