Find English Teaching Staff FAST & EASY

Should You Hire Staff Yourself?


Use a Placement Agency?

Which makes more sense for your teacher staffing needs?

Do you:

  • Worry about your staff quitting suddenly, and leaving you without a teacher?
  • Find the hiring process overly time consuming, distracting and difficult (filtering resumes, accents, background checks, interviewing)?
  • Have trouble hiring because your school is in a remote location?
  • Worry about making a bad hiring decision? Want to make sure the applicant is properly vetted?

We totally understand! Hiring good staff and keeping them on can be time consuming, expensive and a real headache, especially if you don’t have much experience hiring staff.

While gets incredible success rates and many tools to help you get the exact hire you need, sometimes using a staffing agency (haken) can have advantages for some schools. If you’re new and not sure of your staffing needs long term, have a small team or just don’t want to deal with the hassle of doing the whole hiring process yourself, a staff agency like MyTomodachi can help you get teachers in your classrooms FAST.

Advantages of using the board:

  • Cost – It is cheaper to do it yourself than with the help of an agency
  • Customize your job ad for the specific kind of hire you want to find. You will know that every applicant was interested in your position and school in particular
  • Reach a wide audience highly targeted to foreigners, most of whom are already living and working in Japan. You will have a wide variety of applicants to choose from; not just those introduced by an agency.
  • Low cost for posting an ad on (Great cost per hire); no running cost or high placement fees.

Advantages of a Staff Agency like My Tomodachi Japan:

  • Faster guaranteed hire
  • My Tomodachi Japan will take care of everything including visa process and getting settled in Japan (Ex. Apartment, Bank Account, Relocation, etc.)
  • Save costs on advertising on job board which offer no guarantee – Your job ad might not find you a teacher but My Tomodachi Japan will
  • Save time on composing lengthy job ad and convince people to choose your school over others
  • Save time searching through resumes, emailing candidates, interviewing, training…

Using a staffing agency will lower the amount of work it takes to hire someone…

…and allow you to concentrate on running your school!


My Tomodachi Japan has:

High-quality teachers

  • Very low resignation rate
  • Experienced teachers available
  • On time and organized

Availability anywhere in Japan

  • Not just in big city centers
  • Adjust to your needs in high-volume or low-volume areas

A Great Selection Process

  • Only hire motivated teachers (properly vetted)
  • Excellent choice of qualified teachers

The difficulty with recruiting staff is…

Recruiters (Jinzai Shokai)

  • Placement fees – 300,000 yen and up per hire
  • Goals not aligned – Success-based recruitment means the agency gets their fee when they place a teacher, not when you get staff who stay for a longer term.
  • Time consuming – Need to take care of visa, bank account, housing as well as onboarding new recruits.
  • No part-time teachers – If you don’t know that you’ll need a full time staff member, a recruiter may push you to overcommit

Job Boards 

  • Cost – Placing ads on multiple job boards without a guarantee can be expensive if you aren’t in a popular area or can’t offer above market salary.
  • Time – Need to wait for job seekers to apply to you, deal with staff visas, housing, bank setup and onboarding them into the company.
  • Opportunity Costs – You could be making money and working on your business instead of searching
  • Risk – You could get a bad hire who might be hard to replace smoothly without damage to your company’s reputation.

MyTomodachi Japan solves these issues!

  • Available for full-time and part-time teachers
  • MTJ takes care of everything including visa processing, guarantor, setting up bank account, and other daily needs for the teachers
  • Takes the hiring off your plate so you can get back to running your business.

Costs – Most Reasonable Available in the Industry

  • Full time: 288,000 yen – 340,000 yen per month
  • Part time: 2,200 yen – 3,000 yen per hour (tax and transportation separate)
  • No other ongoing fees charged such as Health and Social insurance (normally would add over 15% to your HR payroll costs)

The Most Cost-Effective Solution for Your School

My Tomodachi specialises in eikaiwa and early childhood education

Why we recommend My Tomodachi Japan:

  • Great feedback from schools that have used their service
  • Teachers employed and dispatched by them are happy
  • The owner is a bilingual Japanese and worked as a school owner and hired teachers before so he knows how to hire and manage foreign teachers
  • This agency specializes in foreign teachers of English for Eikaiwa and Early Childhood education
  • The rates are reasonable both for full-time and part-time staff
  • Can take care of a lot of frustrating administration, like hiring from overseas, immigration procedures and living arrangements.

Who will benefit the most from this service:

  • New and growing schools: are you not sure of your ongoing employment needs? You can start with teachers working as little as two hours per week and scale up as you need.
  • Convenient: Hiring is hard, and newcomers to Japan need help with banking, housing, training, visas, accounting etc. It’s easier to outsource this to the professionals.
  • Schools with no back-up teachers: If a teacher suddenly quits, it takes weeks/months to get a decent replacement.
  • discount – We understand that some circumstances where using an agency is advantageous over posting a job and doing the hiring yourself; therefore, we have negotiated special rates.

Special Deal for Clients

If your school has ever used, My Tomodachi Japan will waive the registration fee: 50,000 yen → 0 yen.

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