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About Firefly English Discovery Center

Firefly Discovery (English Discovery Center) is a small but fast-growing school. We specialize in enjoying life while teaching Young Learners English.  Most of our students are kindergarten to elementary kids. Our locations are in Senrioka and Takatsuki.  We have spent the last few years trying to gather the most caring and positive staff members in Japan and we feel we now have the best team so far.

Our Vision:
We are dedicated to using creative out of the box thinking to develop a way of learning English that effectively gets children speaking naturally.  Our activities are based on the way children play and interact naturally.  Since we are also a publishing company, we are working on creating a career path for people who love teaching but also enjoy other challenges.

The Science Behind Us:
We teamed up with an internationally renowned vocabulary specialist to analyze most used language by children YouTubers, most popular kids shows and kids books to create a list of the most frequently used words by native speaking children.  We then created a methodology which uses fun comics and stories to get students to want to speak.

Our Students Care about English
Firefly English emphasizes English as a SKILL not just a hobby. Our regular classes are 55 minutes long, but also have a 25 min extra class with a Japanese instructor.  Despite coming once a week for class, our students have a relatively higher level of English.

We Let You Shine Beyond Teaching
Let your hobby shine.  Our graphic design, artwork and IT are done by our staff with extra talents.

Come join our us if you genuinely love kids and want to be part of a very positive team!


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    Japan, 〒565-0811 Osaka, Suita, Senriokakami, 18−12 ・31号 Firefly English Discovery Center千里丘校


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