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About My Tomodachi Japan

We are temporary staffing agency.

You will be hired  by MTJ and working at the school where they want you to work at. MTJ receives a lot of different kinds of recruit offers and if the school is interested in you as a teacher or nursery, you will be working at the schools as represent and employees of MTJ.

Four Reasons to choose us.

  1. Sponsorship for you working visa. We can sponsor your visa depending on your career, academic background and work conditions.
  2. Bonus and recreational trip paid by MTJ. We take a trip with MTJ employees every year for free. Aldo you will get up to 150,000 yen of bonus once a year.
  3. Social events among MTJ employees. We can all gather to enjoy the holiday like BBQ, eating out, Karaoke and so on. MTJ values friendly working environment.
  4. Start working in a week. Depending on your visa situation and work location, you will be able to star working right away. As soon as you apply, we will answer in 2 business days.



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  • 住所 練馬区東大泉3−50ー12
  • 業種 教育、講師
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