General Hotel/Reception/Bell Attendant/Housekeeper


Job Overview

  • Employer Type Recruiter / Dispatch / Temp Agency
  • Industry Tourism / Travel / Hospitality
  • Salary ¥897 - ¥897 / Hour
  • English Level Conversational Level
  • Japanese Level Business Level
  • Restricted to Domestic Applicants? Overseas applicants allowed
  • Visa Sponsorship Future possibility / Renewal

Job Requirements

  • Special Academic background: Not required
  • Required experience, knowledge, skills, etc. : Not required
  • Required licenses and qualifications: Not required

Job Description

We are currently hiring Nepalese people.  We understand the hiring of foreigners.

Working hours will be decided in consultation with the hotel and will be 8 hours a day with the hotel is operated on a two-shift system.

Regarding holidays, depending on the working status of the hotel where you work, the number of days off per month will be determined by 4 days or more.

As for the job description, the job will be determined on a case-by-case basis from a variety of positions, from general hotel work to reception, bell attendant, housekeeper, etc.

A dormitory is available.

In addition, the dormitory fee will be 20,000 yen including utilities. Wi-Fi is available.

It is a safe work environment when it comes to hiring foreigners, as they have experience working with foreigners.



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Company Information

Company Profile

人財総合コンサルテーション、人材紹介事業を行っています。 エンジニア人材(ITプログラマー、WEBエンジニア) CADオペレーターなどの専門人材、 経理事務、秘書、インストラクターなどの専門職人材 倉庫内作業、農業、水産業などの地方創生を推進する人材など 多様な分野でのお仕事の紹介を行っています。 日本国内で働き甲斐をもって長期間働きたい想いがある方は、 是非、気楽にご連絡をお待ちしています。 弊社スタッフが丁寧に、貴方にあったお仕事をご紹介いたします。 【お問い合わせ】 株式会社はんなりと 電話 0799-38-6918 ※松村をお呼び出し下さい At Arumoni, we provide comprehensive human resources consultation and placement services including: Engineer personnel (IT programmers, web engineers), Professional human resources... read more about 株式会社アルモニ
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