TIS Afterschool Teacher in Sapporo

Tokyo International School Group

Job Overview

  • Employer Type Recruiter / Dispatch / Temp Agency
  • Industry Education / Teaching
  • Salary ¥275,000 - ¥275,000 / Month
  • English Level Native level
  • Japanese Level Not necessary
  • Restricted to Domestic Applicants? Japan only
  • Visa Sponsorship Yes

Job Requirements

All candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a minimum four-year university degree.
  • Have at least 2 years of experience teaching elementary children in Japan.
  • Be professional, hard-working, passionate, energetic, and love working with children.

Job Description

Students break into applause as the young presenter standing at the front of the class finishes describing their artwork to the group. You ask the class, "Does anyone have any questions or comments?" Eager hands immediately shoot up. Asking a student in the front row, they comment, "I like the color you chose." Heads nod in agreement. You make a quick note on your iPad about the 21st Century Skills that the students are displaying and move on to the next student waiting to present.

Established in 1985, Tokyo International School Group (TISG) runs Tokyo International School Afterschool (TISAS), Tokyo International School Kindergarten (TISKG), and Tokyo International School Learning Through English (TISLTE) at our Nakameguro, Minami Azabu, Komazawa, Gakugeidaigaku, and Shukugawa (Kobe) model school campuses. We also have franchise campuses based in Kachidoki (Chuo-ku), Maruyama (Sapporo), and Ohori (Fukuoka).

We are currently looking to hire teachers who will join a team of full-time Afterschool teachers at the Sapporo campus.


  • This position will start August 1st or as soon as possible.
  • The workweek is from Monday to Friday, 11:00am to 8:00pm (with a 1 hour lunch break)
  • Paid vacation days include:
    • Saturday and Sunday.
    • Public holidays.
    • Five days of flexible leave (after the first 6 months of employment).
    • Obon period during summer.
    • Two weeks in winter.


We are looking for a confident, dedicated, and passionate teacher.

  • Candidates must have a university degree
  • Two years of experience (ideally working with elementary students in Japan).


  • The school is located near Nishi 18 Chome on the Tozai line.


  • A training period of one week will be provided. Depending on when the teacher starts, this may be before classes start or on-the-job training.


The compensation package includes:

  • A wage of 275,000 per month.
  • Enrollment in the Social Insurance and Pension
    • This is mandatory.
    • Company contributions are made on top of the stated wage level.
    • Teacher contributions are deducted from their wage.

Transportation is reimbursed up to 20,000 per month.


  1. TISG is providing recruitment services for the parent company, Renseikai Group.
  2. TISG will screen resumes to ensure that minimum requirements are met.
  3. Only candidates who meet the requirements will be contacted to arrange interviews.
  4. Candidates will be asked to provide copies of their residence card, passport, qualifications, and reference letters.
  5. Following the first round of interviews, candidates will be short-listed for the second round of interviews. This will include a trial lesson.
  6. These second-round interviews will be conducted with the Renseikai management team, who will make the final decision.
  7. Once a final decision has been made, TISG will contact all second-round candidates to inform them of the decision.
  8. Finally, the successful candidate will meet with Renseikai to sign employment documentation.

We look forward to receiving your application.


Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

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