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Job Overview

  • Employer Type Recruiter / Dispatch / Temp Agency
  • Industry Information Technology, Internet
  • Salary ¥6,000,000 - ¥10,000,000 / Year
  • English Level Business Level
  • Japanese Level Not necessary
  • Restricted to Domestic Applicants? Japan only
  • Visa Sponsorship Yes

Job Requirements

Required Technical Skills
・Very good understanding of Angular and capability to implement complex SPA applications with it
・Good understanding of TypeScript
・Good understanding of JavaScript (how it works in browsers)
・Modern CSS and preprocessors
・Knowledge of modern development methodologies and software development life cycle
・Your own understanding of SOLID principles, gained via practicing them
・Understanding of REST services.

Work ethics
・Desire to properly understand business requirements
・Thorough self-check before peer review / QA
・Exerting efforts to meet delivery estimations
・Desire to write quality code

Job Description

【About the company ...】

The company has been providing services in Belgium since 1996, when e-Authentication services started to appear, and is the first third party certification authority in Europe to be awarded WebTrust.

They are the first WebTrust certified third party certification authority in Europe. They have a proven track record of working with Belgian government related organizations, and have been certified by the Belgian Government Certification Authority, the top level certification authority for eID (BELPIC) and other Belgian e-government projects.

The company has been a member of the GMO GlobalSign Group since 2006, and currently provides government-level security services worldwide based in Japan, the U.S., Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and has issued more than 25 million SSL server certificates and other digital certificates.

The company develops its services in Japan, and offers certificate services that meet a variety of needs in Japan and around the world.

In order to meet the needs of its customers, The company has developed unique services (online verification of My Number, one-click SSL service for hosting companies, certificate validity period customization options), and was the first in the industry to launch "post-payment standard for all certificates" and "proxy registration service". They will continue to be a leader in the industry. In the future, they will continue to take on new challenges in order to provide innovative services that always break the common sense of the industry.

【 Job Description 】

TrustLogin is a division in GlobalSign offering an IDaaS solution (single sign on, users management, secure

authentication, etc.) to enterprise customers in Japan and abroad. We have been on the market since 2017, constantly

evolving and improving our solution to offer new and useful functionality to our customers.

We are looking for a senior frontend & Angular engineer who will develop and support the frontend of our produce. 



・Implement the frontside UI/UX of our product according to the design system using latest versions of Angular

・Support and add new features to our browser extension

・Keeping improving code base quality via refactoring

・Breaking down large tasks into milestones and following them


・Being in charge of your feature till it is deployed and after that


【 Working time 】

Flextime System

【 Holiday 】
土日祝(Saturday/Sunday/National Holiday), 年次有給休暇(Annual Paid Leave), 年末年始休暇(New Year Holiday), 特別休暇(Special Paid Leave), 慶弔休暇(Congratulations & Condolence Leave), その他(Others)


A cafe where you can have a drink or a light meal for free at any time

Nap space available from 12:30 to 1:00 p.m.

Professional treatment! Massage & Relaxation

In-house daycare center for employees with children to work in peace


Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

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Company Information

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Company Profile

Recruitment Agency for Foreign IT talents in Japan G Talentは、ビジネス特化型オンライン英会話のビズメイツが運営する日本に住む外国人IT人材やバイリンガル日本人向けの人材紹介サービスです。サービス名の “G” は “Global” を意味し、国籍を超えた多様な人材(Talent)が日本国内で活躍できるよう転職を支援いたします。 G Talent は、今よりもっと多くの外国人ITプロフェッショナルやバイリンガル日本人が活躍できる場を提供することを通じて、企業の成長並びに日本経済の発展に貢献してまいります。 グローバルに活躍を目指す日本企業への転職を希望する方、ぜひお問い合わせをお待ちしております。 G Talent is an IT recruitment service for foreign IT talents and Japanese bilingual operated by Bizmates,... read more about G Talent at Bizmates, Inc.
  • This job has expired!

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