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A Glimpse Into the Holiday That Fosters Healthy Minds and Bodies

Catch a glimpse of the mini-Olympics held once a year in every municipality across Japan. And yes, the Sports Day looks very much like the anime versions, a day filled with cheer and competition. 

Get away from the scorching summer heat with Marine Day

Summers in Japan are known to be brutally hot and humid. Why not take a breather from cramped trains, congested Tokyo streets, and hectic schedules with Marine Day. 

Dating in Japan – Meeting People, Dating Culture, Apps, and Love

Dating in Japan and finding love is an amazing, frustrating, and one-of-a-kind experience–this article covers meeting people, popular dating apps, Japanese dating culture, and what long-term relationships typically look like.

Can English Teachers in Japan Start Teaching Technology Skills Without Being Coders? Yes, You Can!

Japan is WAY behind the times in computer literacy, even among young children who seem to be permanently attached to a smartphone. In fact, Japan ranked dead last in a survey of 20 OECD countries

Commune With Nature on Greenery Day

Celebrate and express gratitude for nature with Greenery Day – a holiday directly linked to one Emperor of Japan and his passion for plants.

Reminisce an Era with Shōwa Day

Welcome the much-awaited Golden Week in Japan with its first holiday, Shōwa no Hi – a day meant to remind everyone of the past.

Introducing Furosato Nozei, Japans “Hometown Tax”

With the ever increasing problem of migration to the big cities, the rural areas of Japan are suffering from depopulation. The government has implemented an idea to help address this issue, called Furosato Nozei. Essentially you can buy local goods, and then have that money reduced from your tax bill.


We live in a time where it is fundamental to develop your language skills from childhood to get a good curriculum and professional future. Although the methods of teaching English in the different educational stages

Fun Hobbies to Try While in Japan

Looking for something to do during your free time? Here are some fun hobbies to try while living in Japan.

Dive Into Japan’s Rich Culture and History This Foundation Day

Other countries celebrate their Foundation Days on the date of independence. In Japan, however, things are different. Let’s jump into the rich history of Japan’s Foundation Day, filled with traditions and a splash of mythology.

What you need to know about getting a work visa in Japan

With around two million expatriates currently residing in Japan, the idea that Japan is closed to or very difficult for foreigners to find work is becoming more and more dated. With the right visa, there

Will Your Work-Life Balance Demand Discourage a Prospective Japanese Employer?

In order to comprehend work-life balance in Japan, it is important to understand the historical context of overtime work and schemes such as the membership-based employment relationship in Japan.

Working Women in Japan: Is it Possible to “Have it All”?

Is it possible for working women in Japan to “have it all”? Some entrepreneurs and activists are working to make it happen. 

Weekend Relaxation: Tokyo’s 5 Best Winter Illuminations, 2020 – 2021

Tokyo’s winter illuminations are a great way to enjoy the holidays while social distancing, here are our picks for the top 5.

What You Need To Know To Find An English Teaching Job In Japan

Teaching English in Japan can be a rewarding experience, as well as a great way to get your life in Japan started. Every year literally hundreds of positions open all across Japan. Most jobs for

Rethinking the Idea That “Japanese People Can’t Speak English”

We’ve all heard the idea that “Japanese people can’t speak English”. Where does this idea come from? And is it true? 

Workshop to Improve Your Teaching Skills and Job Opportunities in Japan

Learning and going to workshops like this one is one of the best ways to improve your teaching career in Japan. Going to professional development events in Japan is one of the most under-used ways

How to Get a Work Visa in Japan

If you want to work in Japan as a foreigner you have to get a work visa, which can be a frustrating and confusing experience. Let me show you all the things you need to

How to Do an Amazing Demo Lesson at an English Teaching Interview in Japan

The least favourite part of a teaching job interview in Japan is the demo lesson, but it is the best way to show your skills and land the job! With nearly every teaching position in