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ALTInsider Podcast – Interview with Chad Zimmerman

James speaks with Chad who has a popular Youtube channel, became learned to speak Japanese in less than a year, an anime fan, a straight edge Christian missionary, a Japanese translator, a YouTube content creator, and frankly a heck of a lot of other things.

While not employment related, this is an interesting interview with someone with the right outlook and a positive outlook. Before listening to this podcast, I had never heard of Chad or his Youtube channel which I immediately subscribed to.



Peter Lackner is the Managing Partner at and has had management-level positions at major job boards in Japan including:, GaijinPot, CareerEngine (formerly eCentral) and currently the managing partner at

Running a job board gives Peter the opportunity to speak with employers and job seekers every day and find out why some are successful and others are not. Speaking to both employers and job seekers has given Peter the ability to be able to see both sides of the hiring process. This is why JobsinJapan exists - to help job seekers find the jobs they want and employers to find the candidates they need. 

Peter is active in the ETJ (English Teachers in Japan organization), a member of JALT’s School Owners SIG and currently on the Board of Directors of the Tokyo Association of International Preschools.

You can often find Peter speaking to groups on how to get a new or better job, and to employers on how to avoid making a bad hire.

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