Working as a Freelance Architect in Japan with Elisa Cecchetti

Elisa Cecchetti talks about her journey from Rome to Tokyo to become a freelance architect and body painter.

Employer Interview: ECC Co., Ltd. speaks with Derek Huber and Makiko Igarashi at ECC Co., Ltd., to talk about ECC CES (Children’s Education Section) which deals primarily with kindergarten visits and after-school visits (to kindergartens).

ECC has 1,925 branches throughout Japan is the the largest contractor for kindergarten English lessons in Japan.

Why are Japanese people so fascinated by your blood type?

Japanese people are obsessed by blood type, but should they be and where does this fascination come from?

The Challenges of Living in Japan Fall Somewhere in the Range Between Pokémon and Godzilla

Some situations, such as choosing the color of your bank debit card (coconut white, or autumn orange?) can seem impossible to resolve. Others, such as making a stealthy recovery after dropping sushi rice into the


Teacher of Younger Learners (Okinawa)

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