Don’t Fold That Resume! Thoughts on the Importance of Japanese Paper

Japanese paper is intimately linked to the history of Japan’s cultural practices. If you’ve ever wondered why a folded resume might lead to somebody else getting the job, we’ll try to explain why.

Making Impact Resumes

Make your resume stick out from the crowd with tips from Richard Miller who is The Job Information Centre (JIC) editor for the JALT Language Teacher.

With Resumes and CVs, Looks Matter

Before any hiring manager anywhere dives into your resume or CV, they are going to give it a “first look.” If it doesn’t look like an easy read, it often won’t get read at all.

Shine Muscat: Not Just Any Green Grapes

Japanese Shine Muscat Grapes are not your average fruit. Read on to find out more about its eye-popping price tag, flashy presentation, and delicious taste.


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