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About Tokyo YMCA International Kids Garden

Tokyo YMCA International Kids Gardenは公益財団法人東京YMCAが運営する英語幼児園です。

Tokyo YMCA International Kids Garden is a kindergarten under the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Tokyo YMCA.




■About Tokyo YMCA

Tokyo YMCA was established in 1880. Tokyo YMCA develops a lot of programs such as, business colleges, language education, wellness programs, outdoor programs, childcare programs, international programs etc, with a balance of “Spirit”, “Mind” and “Body” and aims to raise young people through these programs.


■Tokyo YMCA International Kids Gardenについて





■About Tokyo YMCA International Kids Garden

Our kindergarten was established in 2002. We are a kindergarten using English in our daily educational programs. Our school philosophy is “Raising children to be Peace Makers” and we raise children within a Christian philosophy.

Kids Garden aims to raise life-long learners rather than focusing only a study.

Children learn natural English through daily school life and play with friends and teachers.


在園児数: 3・4・5歳児クラス 1クラス 定員24名

講師体制: 主任1名  クラス担任6名 補助教師1名

<Student Body>

Age: 3, 4, 5 years old; Maximum capacity is 24 children per class


1 Head Teacher / 6 class teachers / 1 teachers’ aide



Kids Gardenはプリスクールクラスもあります。1歳半、2歳児のお子様が入れます。

We also have a Pre-School class. It is for ages 1 and half through 2 years old children.

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