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Top 10 Items You Need to Stay Cool this Summer

If you have lived in Japan for quite a while now, then you probably know what summers are like in Japan- scorching hot, high humidity with almost no breeze to ease the situation. If you want to survive the summer heat while still being able to go out, run errands, and live normally, then this article is for you.

If you have lived in Japan for quite a while now, then you probably know what summers are like in Japan- scorching hot, high humidity with almost no breeze to ease the situation. The hottest months in Japan are normally between July and September so it is best to invest or buy these products in advance before summer officially starts and they start disappearing from the shelves or online shops.

Cooling Mist Spray

This is a must-have and can be bought in drugstores across Japan. They are also being sold by several different brands with different cooling effects and some even come with different scents like lemon or floral fragrances. Don Quixote sells a variety of products and it is advisable to check out their stalls for this amazing cooling spray. It is also used as a shirt spray and can conveniently fit in the small compartments of your bag. Simply spray it on your shirt, and let it sit for a couple of minutes until the cooling effect kicks in.

Cooling Wipes

This is pretty similar to the spray but the only difference of course is that you need to wipe certain parts of your body to feel the effects. It is important to note that targeting areas like the back of your neck, back and other parts that are normally prone to cause sweating and heat will help tremendously in getting the heat out. They are usually stored in small packs along with other hygiene products and can be accessible even in convenience stores.


You basically, experience the best of both worlds during the summer season as it can get extremely scorching on most days and wet and rainy on others. It is best to have a small or a medium-sized umbrella depending on your preference and situation if you tend to go out often during the week. A small foldable dark-colored umbrella that can fit in your bag would do well on hot and sunny days as it helps block the sun and gives UV protection as well.

Cooling Towel

Many people, especially those who take the train and commute to work know what rush hour is like and even the strongest air conditioners cannot combat heat exhaustion you may experience if you are stuck in a packed train full of other hot and sweaty people. It is good to have this towel since it is used to prevent heat stroke as it cools you down through the process of evaporation. You can buy these in shopping centers as well as online in Japan. Amazon has a great selection that comes in different colors if you need it to match your daily outfits. If you are into fitness and regularly go to the gym all year round, then it is a good addition to the stuff you already have in your gym bag.

Airism Inner Wear

This lightweight and breathable innerwear is made of polyester fabric that helps dissipate heat from your body without absorption, thus it can be worn using all types of clothing be it your work clothes or just plain casual outfits. Airism innerwear is available for men and women and is mainly distributed by Uniqlo. There are similar types of innerwear that serve a similar purpose and can also be bought from GU, Muji, and other shops. The material, however, does absorb certain types of odors after being worn for some time so make sure to wash them separately and use scented detergent soap and have it ready and smelling good after washing.

Insulated Water Bottle

Having water with you is an integral part of surviving the steamy months of Japanese summer so investing in a good quality insulated water bottle should be at the top of your list. It is important to have one that can keep your drink cool or hot depending on the season in case there isn’t a convenience store or a vending machine near you. Having cool or room-temperature water is definitely essential in avoiding heat stroke or heat exhaustion in general.

Extra Breathable Clothes

If you end up sweating more than usual, especially in the summer months, it is a good idea to have a few extra shirts or dresses in your hand or work/school locker in case of emergencies or if you are completely drenched in sweat and need a good change. Especially if you have little children, having a set of innerwear and a full set of clothing is very useful as kids tend to love water play and certain parks have water sprinklers to help with the heat and humidity. Having a visor or sunglasses can also have a big impact on your day if you are required to wear makeup to work.


If you have been living in Japan for some time, you probably are well aware of the fact that long-lasting and high-quality deodorants almost do not exist in Japan. It is a sentiment of a lot of foreign residents and many even order their deodorant/antiperspirant products abroad or from their native country. Japanese people do not sweat as much as people from other countries so a big percentage of the population do not or have not even used one in their life which explains why it is not a popular commodity here. There are deodorants that you can find in supermarkets and drugstores but bear in mind that a lot of them are unscented and therefore do not deodorize your body odor. Shop and try as many products as you can or also order online if you can find one that suits you. Just be mindful to buy one that does not have a very strong scent since this is not well-liked by most Japanese people.

Neck Fan/Handheld Fan

This revolutionary but small product can be seen being used by a lot of people on trains, buses, parks, and almost every corner of Japan especially when temperatures are going off the charts! You can get these battery-powered or rechargeable easily from 100-yen shops like Daiso or Seria as well as big electronic/appliance stores like Bic Camera. This can be used by people of all ages and helps a great deal in relieving the heat without constantly using a manual paper fan which can make you even more tired. Some also have compartments to store ice or cool water and there are also cooling necklaces made of gel that can be cooled in the freezer overnight. Try them out and see which one is best suited for you.

Reon Pocket Wearable AC

This wearable technology that came out just after the pandemic in 2020 sold out immediately and has since become back and available for purchase in Sony online stores. This gadget, the size of a wallet, clips onto a specially formatted shirt which is sold separately and can go under your normal clothing. It essentially circulates the air in your back and reduces the temperature by 2 to 3 degrees. It is basically, a portable air conditioner as the name suggests and you can even track the temperature using your smartphone. It is lightweight and very handy but the cost can be very intimidating. It can cost a total of 20,000 yen per item, but a small price to pay for your comfort if your job requires you to be frequently outdoors. This thing sells out fast so grab one for yourself now! Click this link for more.

Summer in Japan can be extremely humid and uncomfortable, increasing the risk of heat strokes and other physical complications from overheating. However, with the right preparation and research, you can enjoy living here provided you have all the necessities to keep yourself comfortable. Always check the weather forecast before leaving the house so you are aware of what items you may need while you’re out in the scorching sun. Stay safe and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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