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School For Sale in Nara

Competing with established businesses can make it very daunting to start an English School... Or you can buy a school and start teaching from day one!

Starting a new school is hard!

You’ve got to think about:

  • Location, rent, utilities and setup fees
  • Students, parents, marketing and getting the first people in the door when you have no history there
  • Books, materials, curricula and timetables
  • Then there’s teaching tools and so much more…

Competing with established businesses can make it very daunting to start an English School… Or you can buy a school and start teaching from day one!

One World English School – Ikoma, Nara

One WOrld Classroom


Due to family circumstances, the owner is looking to sell their school and move out of the area. This is a great opportunity for a passionate teacher who wants to own a school, and is ready to grow an English Teaching business. 

It is a franchise school using Modern English framework, which means their central office will handle all of the administration for parents, so the teacher owner can focus on teaching and getting new students to increase your earning potential. 

This also means that the franchise can sponsor your visa. There is a solid student base and a lot of room to grow in this neighborhood.

More Details

One World is a cashflow positive business that is currently using two classrooms on the ground floor of a two-story building, with the opportunity to use a further two large classrooms on the second floor giving plenty of room for expansion. Immersion and preschool should do well at this location, and with some work the second floor could even be converted into a living space for the teacher owner (not currently suitable for living, would need to discuss with the landlady).

The building is located in a family-centered residential area with many schools in close proximity. The lease is in the current owner’s name and when first signed they had a Japanese friend who was the guarantor, but when they re-negotiated the lease the landlady agreed that they didn’t need one. There is a 1 month notice to leave the location so taking this on would not lock the teacher owner in to a long contract.

One World English School in Nara

  • Rent: ~¥60,000/m
  • Utilities: ~¥5,000/m
  • Current Student Number: 17
  • Student Revenue: ¥167,200

Sale Price: Accepting offers (Will accept offers for a quick sale).

If you are interested, please get in touch through the contact form below:

    Peter Lackner is the Managing Partner at and has had management-level positions at major job boards in Japan including:, GaijinPot, CareerEngine and currently the managing partner at

    Running a job board gives Peter the opportunity to speak with employers and job seekers every day and find out why some are successful and others are not. Speaking to both employers and job seekers has given Peter the ability to be able to see both sides of the hiring process. This is why exists - to help job seekers find the jobs they want and employers to find the candidates they need.

    Peter is active in the ETJ (English Teachers in Japan organization), a member of JALT’s School Owners SIG and currently on the Executive Board of the Tokyo Association of International Preschools.

    You can often find Peter speaking to groups on how to get a new or better job, and to employers on how to avoid making a bad hire.

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