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Education Tourism – Travel and Boost Your Salary in Japan with a CELTA

  You don’t have to go back home to get a CELTA qualification – you can do it while having an amazing time travelling in a beautiful country! You might not have heard of Education


You don’t have to go back home to get a CELTA qualification – you can do it while having an amazing time travelling in a beautiful country!

You might not have heard of Education Tourism (or edu-tourism as the kids are calling it), but for teachers in Japan it is a massive opportunity to use any holiday time you have to not only enjoy yourself, but also improve your chances of getting higher paying jobs. In this article I’ll explain why a CELTA is a great qualification for teachers to have and how you can get one at way below the market rate while still enjoying your holiday time.

It might seem obvious to some, but the more qualified you are the higher salary you can command, and many qualifications can get you in the door to jobs that you otherwise wouldn’t have a shot with. A lot of jobs come up on the board that specifically ask for a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), and others have a salary range dependent on qualifications, where a CELTA might put 10-20% more money in your pocket every month!

Qualifications like a CELTA pay for themselves very quickly in the amount of extra money you can earn. Much more than a TEFL qualification (which can be done online or in short week-long courses that don’t properly prepare you for any teaching job), a CELTA shows that you have invested in your teaching ability for the long term. That gives companies a lot more trust that you will do a great job, so not only will this mean a higher potential salary, but that you’ll be in a good position to get jobs where you are more respected as a teacher.

Which CELTA should I take?

There are a lot of courses available globally, and it’s highly likely that they have some in your home country too. CELTA certified courses are backed by Cambridge University and are the gold standard worldwide (much more than a TEFL which doesn’t have an independent accreditation body). There is a really great option for you especially if you are:

  • already living in Japan
  • wanting to invest in your career, but also want to travel
  • don’t want to pay the much more expensive cost of a CELTA inside Japan

That’s where the LTTC Idea Academy’s 4 week intensive CELTA comes in.


It’s an all-inclusive study plan with tuition, accommodation and meals included in beautiful Cebu in the Philippines. The campus has custom-designed classrooms, lounges and dining areas with a great view from the 16th floor overlooking the business sector of downtown Cebu. You can explore Cebu when you’re not in class, as the campus has easy access to shops, services and restaurants, with shopping malls just a few minutes away and transportation easily accessible.

There are a few upcoming dates for 2019 intensive courses, and if you want to learn more please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll send you more information. Here are the dates:

  • April 22 to May 17
  • June 10 to July 5
  • September 16 to October 11

You’ll need to put in a lot more effort than one of those certification factory online TEFL courses, where you just pay your money and get a low-value certificate. The conditions to join the course are strict, and applicants require advanced English proficiency (level CEFR level C2 or higher) which is needed to follow the lessons and complete required assignments. The course program is a 4-week intensive (120 classroom hours total) that is facilitated by two Cambridge-certified trainers who will visit Cebu to teach this course.

If you’re serious about teaching and want to start getting higher paid jobs where you get more respect as a teacher, getting a CELTA would be an excellent addition to your resume. Fill in the form below to find out more about LTTC Idea Academy’s intensive CELTA in Cebu.

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