The Inside Japan Podcast – Charles from Second Harvest

This week we welcome in Charles from the NPO Second Harvest, Japan’s first food bank. Charles started in the military, lived homeless in Japan for more than a year, and now is the CEO of his own company. Quite the story.

Topics Discussed:


  • 2:26 – Intro/How Charles starting his career in Japan
  • 7:20 – Becoming a missionary in Japan
  • 9:00 – Sam starts foodbanking work
  • 12:00 – Starting his own NPO
  • 17:20 – What Charles does with Second Harvest
  • 24:20 – Why Charles started Second Harvest and why he lived homeless for a year
  • 29:10 – “I don’t describe what I do as helping point”
  • 33:40 – Final Advice


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