ALTInsider Podcast – Can an older person find work in Japan?

This week James answers the question:

Can an older person find work in Japan?

(spoiler) The answer is a resounding YES, with caveats.





James came to Japan as an Eikaiwa teacher, morphed into a seven-year ALT, and now helps people have more fun while working in Japan, whether they’re just starting out or are veterans themselves. He started and The ALTInsider Podcast in 2015 and has been spreading his message of “Have more fun” ever since.To give your resume the tune-up it needs, head on over to ALT Insider Resume Review and get started today. Don’t let your dreams be dreams.

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  1. Ali Faiz says:

    I live in japan 30 years I am many different working in japan and I cars business too in japan now I am 49 year old now I really need good job for my kids they are studying university now so I need job I can do any job

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