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Over the past two years, Lebanon has faced a profound economic crisis, exacerbating poverty and hardship for many of its citizens. The situation has been particularly dire for vulnerable communities, including those residing in refugee camps.

These camps, which house refugees primarily from Syria and Palestine, have endured increased strain due to limited resources and overcrowding. Moreover, the devastating explosion at the Beirut harbor in 2020 further compounded the country’s woes, resulting in widespread destruction and loss of lives. Amidst these challenges, children in refugee camps bear a heavy burden, often deprived of basic necessities and opportunities for education and development.

Here is a video of the conditions in the orphanage we are helping located in Northern Beirut:

Chadi Dubois, owner of Discovery Language School in Chiba and as an active member of the English Teachers in Japan community, has been helping to aid an orphanage in South Beirut. To help this orphanage facing a constant shortage of essentials, Chadi has been sending clothes and school supplies to help the children there.

Recognizing the limitations of individual efforts in addressing the extensive needs of the orphanage, we wanted to help

How Can We Help

The immediate needs of the orphanage, as highlighted by its director who also aids refugee camps, include basic necessities like new mattresses and clothing. However, the vision for aid extends beyond immediate relief. Proposals such as establishing sewing workshops and procuring sewing machines are aimed at empowering women to produce clothing, a step towards self-reliance. There is also a plan to get a traditional oven to bake bread. All of this will help to reduce their dependence on outside help and enable refugees and families to gain self-confidence and self-sufficiency.

Another idea has been to transform a bus into a mobile school. This initiative seeks to address educational gaps by bringing learning opportunities directly to children across various camps.

What these ideas ultimately need to come to fruition is money. So to encourage donations from employers looking to advertise with, to any company that donates 10,000 yen to this cause, we will upgrade your job listing to the higher tier worth 10,000 yen.

Simply post your job, make your donation, and then get in touch with us to upgrade your listing.

By supporting initiatives like those proposed for the South Beirut orphanage, individuals and organizations can contribute to a model of aid that actually goes directly to help a specific group of people who really needs assistance right now. 

Is this a scam? How do I know the money will not be used for other purposes?

Let’s face it, there are a lot of scams dressed up as charities, and the region has some serious issues. How does one know that the contribution will make it to these children and be used responsibly? These are valid questions which any donor has a right to know.

This is what we can tell you.
Chadi Dubois, owner of Discovery English School in Chiba, is going to personally lead the operations with his mother who just happens to be a highly-respected school director in the area.   He (and will post updates, pictures and information related to all operations showing how the donations are being used.

As “Chadi for Kids” is not a legal entity yet, we have set up a dedicated bank account to receive donations as follows:

Account information:
Account name: Chadi Dubois
Bank name: SBI Shinsei bank
Branch: 520 Tokyo shiten
Account: 9185046

Thank you for your consideration.

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