Pickup-And-Stay Quarantine Service for incoming Foreign Workers

Japan has some pretty strict quarantine procedures for allowing foreign workers to enter the country these days. How are companies getting new employees into the country safely and without putting tons of resources into adhering to these government procedures which can change at any moment?  

Jobs in Japan is working with Hitotoki Travel to offer a service for employers to help ease the burden when bringing first-time foreigners to Japan. This will be especially valuable those employers that are too busy or those schools and companies in rural areas where it would be difficult to deal with the quarantine procedures and other COVID safety measures.

How Covid-19 Quarantine Procedures are making it difficult for Employers with incoming foreigner workers

The incoming person has the following issues that usually fall on the company to help them solve. They:

  • Cannot use public transportation
  • Have to be met at the airport
  • Have to quarantine in a hotel and be escorted there privately

Traveling to Narita or Haneda to do this and ensure everything is done can be VERY time-consuming and could possibly put yourself and others at risk (especially if done regularly for multiple new staff every month). This is much better outsourced to professionals who lower companies’ risk and reduce the amount of time investment needed to bring in new employees to Japan.

Why would you want to keep track of the complicated frequent changes to official government procedures when you can outsource it to our agent who does this easily every day, and has better bargaining power with hotels to save you money on booking quarantine rooms?

Have a refreshing and relaxing stay in quarantine!

The service includes:

  1. Welcome & Greeting at the Airport (takes about 2 hours to take PCR test and clear customs/immigration)
  2. Private Driver (required by health authorities) takes the person to the property (hotel)
  3. Stay 15 nights (two weeks is actually 15 nights). Most properties have WiFi and the meal service is included with the plan.

Find out more and book here


    If you go directly to the Hitotoki Travel website, be sure to use the JobsinJapan.com code (JIJREF), not only are you assured the best rates, and your incoming staff will receive a 4,000 yen voucher for UberEats plus a free trial for JapanPod101 online Japanese lessons.


    ピーター・ラクナーはJobsinJapan.comのマネージングパートナーです。CareerCross.com、GaijinPot、CareerEngineなど、日本の主要な求人掲示板で管理職を歴任し、現在に至ります。求人サイトの運営を通して毎日雇用者や求職者と話す機会を持ち、なぜ採用や就職に成功する人とそうでない人がいるのかを見いだすようになりました。雇用者と求職者の両方と話すことで、お互いが本当に必要としているものがわかります。これがJobsinJapanの存在理由であり、求職者が希望する仕事を見つけ、雇用者が必要とする人材を見つけるために不可欠なもの、そのギャップを埋めるためにJobsinJapanは存在しているのです。ETJ(English Teachers in Japan)で活動しており、JALTのSchool Owners SIGのメンバーであり、現在は東京インターナショナルプリスクール協会の理事を務めています。新しい仕事やより良い仕事に就くためにはどうすればよいか、また、雇用主に対しては、雇用の失敗を避けるためにはどうすればよいか、などについて講演をしています。適切なポジションに適した人材を見つける事は、求職者にとっても雇用者にとってもWin-Winの状況を作ることができます。

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