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How To Hack N2 in Japanese While Working in Japan | Inside Japan Podcast #143 with Dallas

This episode of the podcast is all about learning Japanese while in an English only working environment.

This is why SO MANY people don’t learn Japanese while they are here; it’s super hard to study when your work is 100% in English. You can only say “I don’t need a plastic bag” at the convenience store so many times before you’ve mastered it… Also take a look at this book, the 5 year diary, that Dallas mentioned in the discussion:

We talk about:
– Starting with Chinese and switching to Japanese (and how much more in-demand Japanese really is outside Japan)
– Strategies for learning Japanese while working in English-only environments
– The best study habits that make getting to N1 easier and more fun!

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I'm Charlie and I've been in Japan since 2012. I started Live Work Play Japan to help foreigners in Japan to find their own version of success. I also wrote "The Smart Guide to Teaching English in Japan" which you can get on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle book.

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