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The Inside Japan Podcast: Eikaiwa Teacher to Interac to Opening a School – Tyson

Tyson drops in this week to talk about working hard (while being a manager at Interac in particular), why passing N1 doesn’t guarantee you anything, and his path to starting his own school. Enjoy.

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  • 01:24 – Intro – What Tyson does these days
  • 02:20 – What he did when he first got into Japan
  • 06:30 – Tyson’s end goal for studying long enough to pass N1
  • 12:30 – N1 doesn’t mean you can get whatever job you want
  • 18:55 – Why Tyson became a manager at Interac (It wasn’t the money)
  • 23:33 – Why Tyson left Interac and starting One Coin
  • 31:10 – An Average day for him now
  • 34:15 – Final Advice

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