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(Podcast) Who Says You Can’t Go Home? – Rafael

Rafael stopped by this week to regale us with his tale of multiple jobs in Japan, both teaching and non-teaching, and eventually deciding Japan wasn’t the best place to continue his career. Who says you can’t go home? Enjoy!

(Bonus props to Rafael for creating the vintage Japan-esque header image.)

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  • 02:20 – Intro
  • 06:00 – How did you get a scholarship to study in Japan? What was it like?
  • 10:13 – I think being a ski-lift attendant would be a sweet job, but what was your experience like?
  • 13:35 – Rafael gets accepted to the JET Program
  • 20:27 – What he thought of JET and his next career move
  • 27:00 – Rafael’s first non-teaching job and how he got it
  • 34:20 – Why Rafael decided to leave Japan
  • 43:25 – Final Advice

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