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How a Video Interview Can Help You (and hiring managers!)

This week’s I spoke to Peter at about their new Video Interview system. This looks to be a game-changer as it allows job seekers to go beyond just being some qualifications on a resume.

In short: Now you can show off your smarts and personality in a video designed to make you look good.

You will stand out to employers busy employers that do not have the time to interview everyone. Now you can get some face-time with them on your own schedule.

It is super easy, I even took one to try this out and it took me about 20 minutes.  The video interview consists of a number of general interview questions (not specific to any one role or position) which you could expect during a live interview. Click a button and the question comes up, think about the response and the recording starts (multiple attempts per question).

As this feature just launched (beta), the support team at invited only a number of people based on their profile. 

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