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How To Succeed In Your First Round Video Interview

Get ready to get noticed. A Jobs in Japan “First Round Video Interview” gives you a competitive edge over candidates without one. The interview will make you more visible to employers, help you present your

Get ready to get noticed.

A Jobs in Japan “First Round Video Interview” gives you a competitive edge over candidates without one. The interview will make you more visible to employers, help you present your best professional self, and save everyone time and energy. But how does it work and how do you put yourself above other candidates using the same tools?

So basically with just a webcam and a little of your time, you can answer a lot of the most common interview questions up front, letting you:

  • Avoid wasting time scheduling an online interview
  • Reduce the amount of work you have to do as you will have answered those same boring questions already
  • Stay safe and not have to travel across town for an interview, only to find that it’s not a good fit

The video interview gives you an opportunity to show your professionalism, and allows you to introduce yourself as a person, and not merely a set of qualifications and experiences. Face time is especially important in Japanese work culture, and our video interview will put you directly in front of hiring managers so they can see your personality.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to get ready for your video interview.

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Have some uninterrupted time to plan and record

The actual First Round interview should only take 15-20 minutes with a series of questions that you can simply record your responses to. It’s asynchronous so you can record as many times as you need to. However, you’ll want to allow yourself time to prepare your answers too so you put forward your best self. Give yourself time to get your answers ready for the camera.

Dress for success

Appearance is very important to many employers in Japan. If you’re having trouble figuring out what to wear, here is an excellent guide to Japanese business dress codes.

Besides your appearance also make sure that your background is clear of distractions and that you are able to record in a nice quiet room.

Take the interview

Rather than a live interview in which you only get one chance to answer the question, our system allows you to record your answers on your own time. Don’t like the way you said something? No problem! You’ll get up to three takes for each question and we can help you choose the best one. Our questions mirror the standard questions you’ll be asked in interviews. However, we know how to ask them in ways that highlight your skills, knowledge, and achievements so you can present yourself in the best light possible.

Enroll in the Certified Teacher Database

Why not let employers come to you? One of our most popular features is our Certified Teacher Database. This is the largest pool of pre-interviewed qualified teachers in Japan. Employers and recruiters can browse when they are looking to fill a position, rather than posting a job online and waiting for applications to come in. If you are in here, you can get approached by companies looking specifically for teachers with your skills. They have basically pre-selected you as a good choice!

Now, we’ve integrated the First Round video interview into our database. Prospective employers will see your video next to your name, increasing the chances they’ll consider you before other candidates.

Once you’ve completed your video interview and it’s made it online, make sure you’re in the database and have your online resume set to “viewable.” Registered employers will now be able to find you easily to contact you about job opportunities in Japan.

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Peter Lackner is the Managing Partner at and has had management-level positions at major job boards in Japan including:, GaijinPot, CareerEngine and currently the managing partner at

Running a job board gives Peter the opportunity to speak with employers and job seekers every day and find out why some are successful and others are not. Speaking to both employers and job seekers has given Peter the ability to be able to see both sides of the hiring process. This is why exists - to help job seekers find the jobs they want and employers to find the candidates they need.

Peter is active in the ETJ (English Teachers in Japan organization), a member of JALT’s School Owners SIG and currently on the Executive Board of the Tokyo Association of International Preschools.

You can often find Peter speaking to groups on how to get a new or better job, and to employers on how to avoid making a bad hire.

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