Director of AI Products Business l ~12M yen l l N1 & English required

Job Overview

  • Employer Type Recruiter / Dispatch / Temp Agency
  • Salary 9.0M ~ 12M JPY annually JPY / Year
  • English Level Business Level
  • Japanese Level Native
  • Restricted to Domestic Applicants? Overseas applicants allowed
  • Visa Sponsorship Yes

【Business Overview】
At Incubit, we have undertaken the challenge of solving problems that haven’t been solved alongside leading companies of Japan,
focusing on the research, development, and implementation of image recognition using Deep Learning technology.
Our next challenge is to accelerate innovation and establish a new business by transforming the knowledge and know-how in image recognition we have accumulated over the years into AI-based products and offer them to society on a large scale.

In this challenging role, you will identify common needs for image recognition among the various challenges faced by diverse industries,
and provide solutions through image recognition products that are packed with cutting edge deep learning technology. As the head of our new business, you will be responsible for developing business, marketing, and product strategies to successfully grow the business and build the organization necessary to achieve the goals.
You will work with the CEO to develop the business strategy and drive the overall success of the business Product URL :
• Develop sales strategies that take into account technology, market trends as well as alliances
• Formulate a business plan based on the strategy, anticipate PL and allocate budget
• Plan new additions to the AI product lineups based on the problems identified through the iterative process of market research, needs
hypothesis, initial user acquisition, and feedback gathering
• Based on quantitative and qualitative analysis, strategically prioritize among multiple industries and markets to expand the product lineup and achieve product market fit
• Create an organization plan, recruit both permanent and outsourced members, and build the organization
• Supervise and manage the daily business
• Drive sales initiatives covering sales, marketing, alliance, and PRs to increase revenues
• Establish a client network effectively and build strong and sustainable relationships with future and current clients
• Take responsibility for the entire sales cycle from lead generation to product delivery and post-sales support, maintaining a high customer satisfaction
• Work with engineers, business owners, and R&D teams to ensure market and client needs are reflected in product development
• Analyze accounting and financial data, and reflect it appropriately in business plans

【Development environment】
・OS: Linux ・Languages: Ruby (RoR), JavaScript (AngularJS, Typescript), Python (TensorFlow, pytorch)
・Editor: Members are free to use what they prefer
・Server: AWS / Heroku
・Container management: Docker
・Project management: JIRA
・CI: Circle CI ・Communication: Slack
・File share: Google Drive
・Email: Gmail ・Calendar: Google Calendar

【Development process】
Planning (2 month) → Proof of Concept (2 month) → Application Development (4 month) ※The period of each stage may vary depending on a project

Total: 15 people (4 Japanese, the rest are foreigners from France, Romania, US, Brazil, China, Taiwan)
Development team: 3 AI engineers in Tokyo and 2 Web engineers in Taiwan

【Work location】
Tokyo HQ or branch in Taiwan (available up to your decision)
Tokyo: Tech Hiroo Building 7F, 1-10-5 Hiroo, Shibuya, Tokyo, 150-0012, Japan
Taiwan: 5F, Bld.E Sanchong Road, Nangang District, Taipei City, 115, Taiwan

【Work location】

【Work time】
Flex-time system
※Remote work available

【Benefits / Welfare】
・Social insurance
・Transportation expenses
・10,000 JPY stipend for work related events and study materials
・Language learning support
・Full relocation support

・Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays
・New Years holidays, paid leave (10 days granted after 6 month), childbirth leave, congratulation or condolence leave

• 5+ years of BtoB IT product experience in any of the following: business development, marketing, sales, or alliance
• 2+ years of experience in either post-sales or account management for IT software services or products
• Experience in recruiting and building an organization
• Broad and deep understanding of business development such as marketing, sales, alliance, and promotion
• High competency in any of the following: marketing, sales or alliance
• Willing and able to travel as needed to develop the necessary relationships with the customers and deliver benefits to the projects
• Proficient in the following software tools: Excel, Word, PowerPoint.
• Native or near-native level Japanese
• Strong oral, reading, and writing skills in English, enabling to build good relationships and make for effective communication with our
engineering team
(Official language of the company is English. Engineering team speaks only English)

【Good to have】
• Experience in starting a new BtoB business
• English fluency (reading, written and verbal)
• Experience working with people from different cultural backgrounds and operating in various roles at a fast-paced company

【Preferred personality】
• Thinks logically and acts rationally based on hammered out hypotheses and strategies with excellent research and analytical skills
• Makes the best decision with the information at hand and continues to act in an uncertain environment
• Takes on new challenges, learns from mistakes, and has perseverance to repeat trial and error until success
• Analyzes the situation from a broad perspective and formulates a new action plan based on the results
• Takes results and numbers seriously, and is willing to put efforts into laborious tasks if needed to achieve the goal
• Is highly motivated to grow, and has a passion to achieve self-determined goals by acting with autonomy
• Enjoys a certain degree of volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity
• Is assertive, resourceful and independent

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