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Do you want to start your own school, but don’t know where to begin? There’s a big opportunity in Kyoto that you won’t want to miss out on. For someone who wants to start their

Do you want to start your own school, but don’t know where to begin? There’s a big opportunity in Kyoto that you won’t want to miss out on.

For someone who wants to start their own school in Japan, it can be daunting to hear about others who struggled for years to get their first students, find a location and pay for everything up front with no promise of a return. Without an MBA and years of experience marketing to Japanese parents, it can feel like there is no chance to start your own school from scratch. The great thing is that you don’t necessarily have to!

“Modern English” school in Kita-ku, Kyoto, is offering franchising rights for their school that would immediately provide a good income to a teacher looking to carve out a piece of the thriving English language learning sector in Japan. Every year Japanese parents spend hundreds of billions of yen (billions of US dollars) on English language education, and you could be bringing home the bacon if you had a school of your own.

As a school franchise owner you would have a lot of room to grow your own school, increasing student numbers and adding new classes, hiring other teachers and doing immersion preschool classes during the day. The options as an owner are limitless, as could be the income you could gain from your own school.

Profitable from day one

This isn’t some far off in the future kind of thing – the owners are looking for a buyer and would like to have the new owner and teachers in place as early as April 2018! To facilitate this they are offering the franchise with a very low deposit, and monthly payments to pay off the rest over time using proceeds from the business. Furthermore, they will provide training for the new owner and help with the transition over to your own Modern English classes.

There are already 60 students in 24 classes per week at this school, with most of them being children. Without having to fight tooth and nail to find students and convince their parents to sign up, you can start teaching all of the lessons yourself and start making money and building your own school up from the very first day. Modern English takes care of everything else: bilingual reception, sales and talking to parents, designing a curriculum, teacher training, operations and business training, visa sponsorship… basically everything except local marketing.

Do you want to know more about what kind of school you could be running? Take a look at Modern English website here:

Let’s get down to brass tax

The sales price is JPY 2,646,000, including sales tax.

Deposit: ¥702,000.

Monthly ¥81,000.

The selling price includes the Modern English franchise sign-up fee and sales tax, with free lease transfer and no key money to pay on the premises. The school building has recently been acquired and just needs to have stickers and signs replaced before you get your first customers coming in the door.


The school is currently projected to gross approximately ¥6,060,000 this school year until March 31st, 2018. For the new teacher/owner this would be around ¥3,322,000 (55% net). This could be increased next year by getting more students and reducing the costs of expenses. Keep growing your school and hire other teachers, then you could be looking at making a nice salary without having to teach.

An average typical month sees ¥493,319 come through the school, with total expenses at ¥240,278 (includes ¥31,580 misc expenses that you could easily reduce, but not the monthly payments for the franchise ownership), giving a net of ¥253,041 (51%) to the owner. This can go up with time, as you get more students and reduce the expenses, you could be getting ¥300k, ¥350k a month within a year or two.


We know the seller personally and she is very trustworthy. There can be no guarantees 100% of the students will stay on, but the owner will help with a smooth handover, and we would expect the vast majority of them to stay. They could be your students, coming to your school.

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