Inside Japan Podcast

The Inside Japan Podcast – Starting a Unique Business in Japan w/Hee Gun

This week entrepreneur Hee Gun drops in to share his unique story of creating the unique space known as Nishiogi Place. Listen, learn, and be unique.

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  • 02:10 – What is Nishiogi Place?
  • 05:40 – Why did you choose to go to college in the US after high school in Japan?
  • 09:40 – How did you pitch your idea to get your business license?
  • 15:00 – What is your meet-up strategy?
  • 19:30 – Is Tokyo the best place to start a business in Japan?
  • 20:23 – Police Sirens
  • 25:20 – What do I do if I have a great idea like you?
  • 27:52 – Closing Advice

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